May 22, 2020

Here is the finished article from all the dance videos you have sent me. They were all so amazing to watch but I couldn't use the whole of each one.

Mrs Smith loved all your dancing and it brought a tear to her eye.

(There were so many videos, so I do hope I have included all of them, but will send them all to her separately as well) 

Mr Smith 

May 22, 2020

Here is a leaving message for everyone from Mrs Smith

May 22, 2020

Today on Zoom Ash Class had a quiz about plants.

We watched 2 BBC Bite Size films about plants and did the quizzes that are at the base of the pages.  Click here to see the pages.

What do plants need to grow?

What is the life cycle of a plant?

See how you do.  I hope you get lots of questions r...

May 22, 2020

Good afternoon all,

I have a half term challenge for you all! 

Look at the following resources:

Oak and Ash: Presentation

Elm and Birch: Presentation

Then create a new recycling superhero as part of a competition. See below for the details

Competition information

(The deadline is in October but I would love to see your entries next term and we will crown a class winner by 1st June)

Thanks very much

Mr Smith 

May 21, 2020

Today’s task is to play with digits and mathematical symbols to make number sentences that are true.

Watch the video below to see me explain the task to you.

Numbers and Symbols to print out or copy.

Remember that this time you don't have to use all the cards, but you must make as many true number statements as you can. Don’t forget to record what they have done, and don’t forget to work in a systematic, organised and careful way...

May 20, 2020

Good morning Ash Class!

Today I would like you to investigate the jobs people might have had in a castle.

Click here for ppt

click here for info sheets

click here for activity sheet

Which job do you think sounds interesting? Which would you apply for? 

Choose one to write a more detailed advert for and see how super you can make your sentences!

Mrs Thomas

May 18, 2020

Good morning Ash Class! One of our geography objectives for this term is to begin to learn some map skills as well as knowing the countries of the UK and some facts.

Click here for a ppt to learn about the UK.

Once you have watched it, click here for a map labelling activity. You can choose the * or ** or *** version to complete, depending on the level of challenge you would like. 

As an additional task (optional), can you label...

May 18, 2020

Well done to those of you that joined us this morning on zoom - we could see how hard you were trying - we can't wait until we see each other again so we can hear you too! We're looking forward to seeing the rest of you at 1pm :)

Your weekly task is learn the castle song - I'm uploading the words and YouTube video now, just in case some of you are eager to start! The song is from Charanga which we don't have pupi...

May 17, 2020

Good morning Ash Class!

I hope you had a lovely weekend and perhaps were even able to spend some time outdoors a bit further afield. The fresh air is so good for us!

Today's task is to join in one of the Zoom sessions that Miss Dooley has invited you to, either at 10am or 1pm. I will be joining from school and do hope to see lots of your faces.

The weekly task will link to it as well - more info to follow!

Also, as usual there ar...

May 14, 2020

For today’s task I would like you to look at the video of me reading One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab.

(I read it to you on Zoom last week.)

I would like you to make some numbers for me using the creatures in the story………but I would like you to do it a particular way. (You can choose the numbers.)

Can you first start with crabs.  How many crabs (lots of 10) would there be in your number?

If the number is 22 there would be 2 crabs so...

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