Day 5 - 23.9.16

9.30am Well the children are all up dressed and packed and ready for the day. They have had to strip their beds and take it down to Laundry. One group has gone sailing this morning, off site, whilst the other two groups complete Problem Solving and Jacobs ladder. They will all enjoy lunch, which is burgers, and will then depart. The coach is due to leave at 2pm and I will text you and give you an ETA then. After that I will text with updates and if this time changes! Mrs Smith

Day 4 - 22.9.16

7pm Well the internet is back working here although very slow. I have had the privilege of working with all the groups today on a variety of activities and even those i wasn't with i could hear as the screaming that came from the Giant swing was something else!! They all have absolutely loved that activity. They got to visit the shop today, luckily for many their maths skill ensured they could actually afford all the things they wished to buy! Many of them are now packed (although good luck when you actually open the cases!!) and are donning their party clothes. Your children are all tired but have clearly loved every minute of their time here and made some amazing memories. A final blog wil

Day 3 - 21.9.16

2.30pm - Mrs Smith A busy day of activities is taking place - Climbing, Trapeze, Beach walk and Archery to name a few. Everyone is working well together and achieving lots. Baguettes for lunch today. A full update will be given later from Mrs Elwyn along with some more photos. 8am - Mrs Smith Children all settled by 10pm and are were up, showered and ready for breakfast still this morning without too much trouble! Another good night. Look out for more updates later.

Day 2 - 20.9.16

Osmington Bay Day Two - Mrs Elwyn Another action packed day started about 6am and is still continuing with rowdy songs around the camp fire led by our ‘groupie’ Isabel. The first activity for many was sailing. There was a little trepidation about the unknown for some but all rose to the expectations. The children had to learn to set up the sails, control the sails and tiller and lower the sails whilst still floating. It was a beautiful day in the harbour and the children enjoyed looking at the sights as well as controlling the boat. There was a real sense of success on our return to shore. Back at Osmington Bay the groups had explored the sensory trail and challenged themselves with abseilin

Day 1 - 19.9.16

Following the children's stop at the services they were delayed a little with some traffic. They arrived at the beach about 2.00 pm and spent a short time there before heading to the PGL site. Please find some photos and Mrs Elwyn's Blog for day 1 below. It’s evening here and there are still high levels of energy. We have had a great time on the beautiful beach at Weymouth. The children paddled, built castles and dug holes and then the life guard showed them the rescue boat and boards and talked about his job. We managed to avoid any rain. We have had a tour of the site and sorted out our belongings into our rooms. Dinner was very plentiful and a wide choice; sausage and mash seemed to be th

What items should we take on board a lifeboat?

Year 3 have been learning about mass by deciding what items would be really useful to take on a lifeboat. They weighed each item and the next step will be to find the total to see if it will be too heavy - how will we decide what to take?

Budding electricians!

Starting our Science Project- making circuits and other electrical items.

Ash Class Seaside Rescue

Ash class have had a great first few days as we have started our new whole school topic called Seaside Rescue. We looked at the story of Grace Darling and completed some drama thinking about how all the people involved in the rescue would be feeling and what they might be saying to each other. We also created a dance thinking about about interpreting the sea and weather as a storm is approaching.

Light and Dark - interesting discussions in R.E.

Elm class have been having very interesting discussions linked to our new R.E. topic. We created collages to represent a continuum from light to dark. Some of the words we cut out led us to question our immediate thoughts. In particular the words "help" and "secret" ended up in the middle of the page as they could be interpreted in different ways. We hope you enjoy looking at the collages!

First day at school

Oak class have had an amazing first day at school. The year 1's have been amazing role models and reception children have settled in well.

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