Fruity Fun!

Year 4 in Elm class have been putting their food preparation skills to good use to create tasty stewed fruit this week, inspired by the Stone Age topic. "This is the best food I've ever tasted," was the verdict of one of the class! Instructions for making the dish were then written by the year 4 children. Let's hope they were very clear and detailed as the year 3 will be using them to make their stewed fruit next week!

The Story of Steam

Birch Class were excited to hear from Mr Tilley the story of steam power from the Ancient Greeks to modern day use. Mr Tilley made a model aeolipile to show how steam pressure can be made into movement. We also learnt about the mechanism which turn steam power into different movements.

Visit to the Black Country Museum

On November 8th, 2016, Birch Class (Year 5 and 6) went to the Black Country Museum to see the amazing steam engines.The Black Country Museum was all outside so we had to do lots of walking. There was a real black country village, which had been taken apart brick by brick and then put back together on the site of the museum. In the village there was an anchor forge, where they made the anchor for the Titanic, and also in the nearby chain forge they made the chain for the anchor. The chain needed to be so thick that the type of hammer used had to have two handles, and it took a day for six men to make one link! Walking around the site, the floor was made of one of three things; those things ar

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