Photo Collages

As part of the 'All things Bright and Beautiful' topic, children had the challenge to find things around the school they find beautiful. They learnt how to be budding photographers and how to take photos correctly and how to zoom and refocus. They decided on 9 photos and then used an app called Pic Collage to create a photo collage of their photos. They had to think about the layout and background. They explored changing the effects of the photo, adding overlays and learnt how to crop. Mrs Smith was very impressed when she saw them. by Liam and Artie By Isabelle and Kayla By Freddie k and Lily by Alicia and Mya By Maddie and Rhys By Henry and Joshua

World Kitchen - Our views...

This term Birch class have travelled the globe in their new topic World Kitchen. Jumping from country to country they have explored different food from different countries such as: olives from Spain; bratwurst from Germany; tacos from Mexico; noodles from China; full English from the UK and many more… Birch Class have also written poems about their favourite foods, for some this had proven quite a challenge! ‘‘One of my favourite parts of World Kitchen,’’ began Charlie C ‘‘was probably when we got to make fruit salad it was really fun chopping the fruit and even more fun tasting it!’’ Ellie’s favourite part of the topic was definitely tasting the food, ‘‘all the food was really tasty, ap


Elm class have loved creating these splendid chariots. They certainly understood how gruesome the Roman gladiator fighting was, judging by the names they gave to their chariots as well as the added details such as blood splatters!

Poetry Performance

As part of our poetry topic on animals, children studied 'Walking with my Iguana' by Brian Moses. The children enjoyed it so much that Mr Smith thought they could perform just as well as Brian did. Each pair learnt a verse and then performed it with little rehearsal.

Week 1 Outdoor Learning - Fire

On Monday 3rd of July the whole school did a skipping workshop, for most it was enjoyable. On Tuesday 4th Fire made willow fish on a rod and made elder jewellery. It was really enjoyable. On Wednesday 5th we did a whole day of art we made butterflies out of paper, trees made of steel wire and we also made lollypop stick crosses that we designed ourselves. We painted our team banners and we also painted the bus shelter in the playground. Next we will be doing orienteering and we will be going to Great Worth Farm.

Week 1 Outdoor Learning - Earth

On Tuesday Earth went to Ash to do art. It was really fun doing all the creative activities especially making the wire tree and painting the shelter, we also made: button flowers, paper butterfly’s, banners for sports day and wooden crosses. On Wednesday Earth went to Greatworth Farm to learn about food and farming. One of my favourite parts of the day was when we got make pizza and when we got to walk in the sheep field. It was a great day had by all.

Week 1 Outdoor Learning - Water

Orienteering We started with making faces on the playground with bean bags and cones and spots. We copied the faces from a sheet which had a key at the bottom showing us what the object was. Then we went up to the playing field, at the playing field we were given a map on the map it told us where all the punches were. We had to find them in order, when we got all 6 of them you were the winner. Willow and Jewellery The first thing we did was watch Mrs Fox make a fish and a rod. Then we had a turn. It was easy but very fiddle sometimes. Some people struggled… but we all got there in the end! Then Miss Sharp showed us how to make jewellery out of elder wood. It was good fun.

Week 1 Outdoor Learning - Air

Orienteering On Wednesday 5th July Air went to the playing fields and got into groups and we did some orienteering it was fabulous. First we got some maps and we had to find lots of numbers (we got stuck quite a lot) and after we got compasses and we had to direct our way. It was really enjoyable and fun. Greatworth farm On Tuesday 4th of June Air went to Greatworth farm for Outdoor learning week and we had a great time! First we went to the vegetable patch and looked at some vegetables and then we went off into two groups and looked at the chicken and the herbs. Next we were with Mrs. Jeffries and we looked at the process of growing their wholegrain food and after that we went to the kitche

Water's Food and Farming Show Blog

On the 30th of June Newbottle and Charlton school went to the Peterborough food and farming day. 7,000 children attended it.There was over 50 activity’s to do there. (IT WAS SO FUN). We went on a tractor ride, it was bumpy but fun. Next we watched a show where sheep danced, they were very impressive but a bit strange. After that we made burger out of lamb. Finally we looked arounf the African Village, it was very realistic. Overall we really enjoyed the day.

Air's Food and Farming Blog

On Friday 30th June 2017 Newbottle and Charlton went to Peterborough food and farming show and we had the GREATEST time EVER. On Air’s first activity we walked around the venue and we saw some goats dancing! After that, we went on a tractor ride, we had a great time. We went to some shows and we saw some absolutely amazing shows and I even held a kestrel called Dobby. It was so close I could see the dark glint and at one point it even landed on a volunteer’s head, it was soooo funny. After that we even saw a peregrine falcon dive. We ate ice-cream it was very yummy. My friend Ollie and I ate some deer meat (venison) very chewy but very tasty (it was quite funny when Mrs. Smith ate some). I l

Earth's Food and Farming Blog

On the 30th of June 2016 an excited coach of school children- with high expectations- raced towards Peterborough country fair. As soon as we got there we got greeted by brightly coloured stalls, a range of animals and a smell of food, it was amazing! The first thing we did was go to see the animals- there where so many! One of my favorite bits of the whole day was probably going to see the dog and duck show it was really funny seeing the dogs chasing the ducks around a field. I don’t think I will ever forget it!!

Fire's Food and Farming Blog

On the 30th June Newbottle and Charlton went to the Food and Farming show, which was in Peterborough. When we were there we started looking at some animals such as alpacas, horses, guinea pigs, rabbits and an extremely grumpy cow with all of the cuts of beef painted on it. We also saw some Shetland ponies, they were so adorable. The tractors rides were fun and it was bouncy. The colour of the tractor was yellow also it had red wheels it started near a field with chariots in it then it went to a stadium. After that we had lunch,it was all delicious. When we were eating we heard the ferret racers. The commentator said now it the ginger ferret. Overall it was an amazing day, everyone really enj

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