Day 3

So the final post about the Year 4's here. After another good night the children had to complete their packing - some with more success than others and also enjoyed breakfast with bacon as an option this morning. One group are now currently refining some Archery skills while the other group, with some trepidation, are attempting the swamp. Groups will then swap over before lunch and departure. The children are reluctant to leave Grendon after such a fantastic experience. Mrs Smith will text once we have set off to inform you of our expected return time. Mrs O'Neill and I have had a wonderful few days with your children and all have developed a variety of new skills - safe to say I think they


Tonight Year 4 enjoyed a great night round the camp fire with lots of singing, jokes and marshmallows as well as more rain! Children all had a great time but were delighted to get in the warm and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate! ALL children have now showered at least once (phew!) and are beginning to think about packing their cases to return home tomorrow following their last 2 activities of Archery and the famous Swamp! When I left they all were settling down for their final night. look out for final updates tomorrow. I will text you when they are leaving Grendon with an ETA back to school where if you are able you can come and pick them up. Mrs Smith.

Day 2 continued

Grendon Update We've had a great afternoon, wet but cheerful. There was hilarious fun during the nightline activity whilst finding our way around with blindfolds on! We had to rely on instructions from the person in front......good communication is the key! We learnt some interesting facts during bushcraft, foraging for logs to build shelters; tying knots; making fire we even ate nettles!!!!!This evening we had a surprise visit from Mrs Smith who joined us for a delicious dinner of roast chicken and all the trimmings.The children have spent all their money at the shop. We are now having some indoor games before we head out for our last activity of the day.

Day 2 check in

Two activities this morning Team Building and Low Ropes. The children found this really challenging but hugely fun - with one child commenting 'it fried our minds.' The low ropes were awesome (as one child quotes) and they had to really support each other as a team to achieve. Lunch was lovely. Here are a couple of photos before we head off this afternoon. Mrs T

Quick catch up

So all was quiet by 11.30pm and a good night was had by all. Earliest riser was at 6am! Shortly we will be having breakfast before a day of activities awaits us. All feeling very proud of their first night away achievements! Update more later on. Mrs T.

Day 1 Reflection.

As the children settle down to sleep after a story this evening I can reflect on the day. The journey was full of excitement and all the children were eager to get to Grendon. Once arrived we attempted to make beds. Much Growth Mindset was needed to complete this first challenge of the day with some having success whilst others just stropped! After a picnic lunch in the gorgeous grounds we then got ready for the first proper activity challenge - Canoe rafts! All the children loved the water and with beautiful views and lovely weather the children enjoyed a variety of challenges including weaving in and out of the bridge and scaring me and Mrs O'Neill by jumping up and down in the canoes! On

Arrival and Settling in

After a successful journey to Grendon children initially learnt all about teamwork and attempted to make their beds - I am sure Mrs Thomas will divulge more of that experience later on! They then enjoyed a picnic lunch followed by a game of hide and seek in the fabulous grounds. All were found and they then prepared themselves for their afternoon activities - canoeing and raft building. Further details will follow later this afternoon/evening but safe to say a happy group of children currently. Mrs Smith 2pm

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