Medieval Cooking

On Friday we learnt how to make pottage and bread.Making pottage was the simplest form of cooking and provided at least a reasonable meal for peasants in 12th century England. Children worked in groups to make wholemeal rolls before helping to make the pottage by peeling and chopping vegetables.

Sleuthing and exploring Oxford!

'As I stepped off the coach, I was hit by the hustle and bustle of Oxford City - like a blast of fresh air!' Ruby RO 'I opened my booklet and scanned the first clue. I was ready to go! The clue led me to a war memorial.' Lottie R 'I stepped into the museum. My first impression was WOW! I was astonished by the huge dinosaur skeleton and the whale's jaw which was massive.' Keira 'I would love to go again and complete the murder mystery challenge. I found the museum really fun. I really enjoyed the day.' Eve

Ash Class Build Castles

After studying Motte and Bailey castles, children worked in groups to recreate their own castles. They thought about how to create the height of the Motte. They included key features of: the palisade, keep, moat and houses. Have a look at their models below.

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