Trip to the Woods

Today Ash class learnt about habitats. This morning we explored the mini-habitats around our school and then this afternoon we took a trip to the local woods to search for insects and look for clues to show that other animals are also living in the woods (we found holes in the ground, nibbled leaves and some poo). We identified the different tress that grow in the woods and even made a shelter for a mouse after receiving a letter from a frightened dragon who wanted him out of his cave (from the story George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell).

The last term!

Everyone is working hard this term as we get ourselves ready for our next year group. Reception are doing more table work and Year 1 are spending more time in Ash class. All children are coping brilliantly and I'm proud of the amazing progress they've made! This week we've been sharing our castle homework and Mrs Bray and I are super impressed with all of the amazing effort that has gone into them, children confidently told the class all about their castles, correctly remembering the names of the different parts. We have also been lucky enough to observe the hatching of chicks and are now proud parents of 6 beautiful balls of fluff! They are a joy to interact with and the children are keepin

Computing is fun!

Elm class have been experimenting with 3D Paint in computing. They have created buildings with different features as well as creating photographs of themselves with surreal elements, eg other objects appearing in the scene.

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