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The British Museum

Birch class has a great day out at the British Museum in London. As part of our Early civilisation topic we completed a workshop called 'Around the World in a Day'. Children got into groups and studied an object from either: Ancient Assyria, Egypt, Olmec, Greek or the Zhou Dynasty of China. Each object was from around 600-700 BC. They discussed/ researched what it was and what they told them about the people of the time. They then explored the museum for other related artefacts before making a report of their findings. Click Here the class page for the links. Afterwards we explored the museum and found the famous Rosetta Stone and the Parthenon friezes. A long but amazing day had by all!

World Book Day

What a fun day we had to celebrate world book day! Amazing outfits by Birch. Children worked hard after reading a book called 'Fractions in Disguise' to simplify fractions to find the missing 5/9 which had been disguised by the evil Dr Brok. Excellent calculating!

Tricky times!

Ash class are starting some work on multiplication this week! To begin with we will work on repeated addition, before learning that we can do this more quickly with the x symbol. Did you know that by the end of this year, Year 2 should ideally know their 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables? We are sure they have the skills! Year 1 are also learning to count in equal steps and join in with chanting in twos, fives and tens.

World book day!

The children came in dressed up as book characters and the effort made was wonderful! We had a brilliant day discussing our characters, making book covers, listening to stories and visiting Juniper House. Well done everyone.