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Day 3 - All packed!

So much more sleep was had by everyone last night! Beautiful sunshine and a busy morning already had with stripping beds, packing, having breakfast and then getting ready for their first activities of the day King Swing and the Maze.

Day 2...updated 9pm

Good Morning Year 4 Parents! After a fairly good nights sleep, last to drop off was midnight, earliest up was 5.15, the children have tidied their bedrooms for a 7.30 am room inspection! They enjoyed a great breakfast of cereal, toast, jam, fruit, yoghurt and they are now in 2 groups - one completing the climbing wall and the other completing a walk the plank activity. More to follow later! Mrs Smith So the morning was great fun and also a tad muddy with one group needing to shower after their activity!! For lunch the children have filled up on Jacket Potatoes today! This afternoon both groups (the whole of Year 4) are off Rafting which sounds amazing! They are just off to the shop to buy th

Day 1.

So it has been a great day so far and the team work skills are slowly developing! They all had a lovely picnic lunch by the lock which was via a quite muddy walk (oh my, mud on day 1 - imagine day 3!) They then moved into a team building activity which was lots of fun. After this they made their beds - I wonder who was the best bed maker? This was then followed by dinner, which they are currently enjoying - burgers, hotdogs, peas, salad and trifle. Then they will complete another activity tonight. - Frisbee Golf! Miss Hirst is struggling with the Wifi connection but rest assured they are all happy and having fun and we will do our best to get some more photos on this evening. So this evening

Fabulous Photographers!

Ash class have been having lots of fun looking for plants, flowers and mini beasts around the school grounds. Using the tablets, they then took photographs of what they had found and compared using the zoom feature to moving closer to the object. Back in class, once the images had been uploaded, they used features within Paint to crop, add text and edit their photographs. Excellent skills, Ash class!

Mini Mud Run 2019

Today we had our second ever mini-mud run and despite the difference in weather from last year, the children really enjoyed the sessions and got well and truly muddy. Here is a small collection of the 500 photos that were taken!