Birch Class Radio Play

Birch class attempted this year's production as a radio play. This was done with a mixture of children in school and at home. One scene was able to be acted out in school and Year 6 have provided most the singing with solos from Lola and Alicia. Hope you enjoy this different play due to lockdown. Mr Smith

I'm excited to see you!

Hello everyone, Well it’s the last week of term and I’m so excited to be seeing you all this week! I am not setting you any tasks to complete but I have set you some Spelling Shed revision to work on over the summer should you wish too. You will also be going home with a holiday pack today or tomorrow that you can work through and you can access Reading Eggs as usual should you choose too. I look forward to seeing you later today or tomorrow! From Miss Hirst

The last few days!

Hello everyone, I'm super excited to get to see some of you today! There won't be any more home learning tasks set so I want to enjoy your summer as much as you can. I've set some revision on Spelling Shed that will last you until September if you'd like to have a go and there's always reading eggs and sum dog too :) What a year to remember!

Year 6 Leavers Assembly 2020

Here is the video recording of our leavers assembly 2020. Below you will also find the video montages too which are harder to see from the recording. It was a very different assembly but we felt it was just a special. Please open the videos in YouTube and favourite them, as at the end of term I will delete this blog and they are not public, so you only be able to access them if you have the web address. Thanks very much Mr Smith PS: Sorry we didn't know we were being recorded for some of the time so there are a few outtakes.

Singing assembly 9/7/20

Hello, as last weeks singing didn't work for a lot of people I have done it again! First you should watch the warm up video and then move onto learning the song. Enjoy

Teams Cancelled Today

Morning everyone, I'm sorry but I am going to have to cancel today's Teams. Activities for Birch today require rooms/equipment and I am unable to fit in a Teams session. I will save the quiz for everyone in September. I am so excited to see you all in person on Monday/Tuesday I have missed you all so much! I hope you have a great day today, don't forget to send me your Virtual games videos if you can. From Miss Hirst


Hello All! Welcome to our wet Virtual sports day. First watch the opening ceremony video before watching films from the Year 6 children who have been very busy creating films for you for each of the Virtual Sports Day activities. We hope you will enjoy them, whether you are doing them in school with your bubble / Kingdom, or whether you are taking part at home. Please film your entries and send them in to us! Enjoy!

Teams today!

Hi everyone, Sorry about yesterday, hopefully the connection will be better today and we can have another try. Same groups/times today if you can make it, if not I will see you tomorrow at 11am for a Kahoot quiz! From Miss Hirst

Teams today

Hi everyone, Same groups/times for Teams today. We are going to play Scattegories. I think we have played this together before. Click on the sheet below for the different categories and I will explain tomorrow if you are unsure. I look forward to seeing those who can join! Miss Hirst Scattegories

Weekly Tasks 6.7.20

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. Thank you so much for all the brilliant work I received last week. Some of you have already finished your local area projects and others would like to continue to work on them over the summer, that's absolutely fine. I am going to be a local area expert after I have read them all! Well done to everyone who completed the online tasks too, congratulations to Jack, Sophia and William the top 3 winners of the Sumdog Competition! Thomas has been busy painting his garden fence this week, Sophia made a Tree of Happiness and Joshua has been working hard on tying his shoelaces! I do love to keep in touch with you all and hear about what you are all doin

Birch Class Home Learners w/c 6.7.20

Good morning Birch Home Learners! We are coming to the end of the school year and thinking ahead to the new one - it has been an unusual year but I hope you will agree that there are so many positives to reflect upon and exciting times to look forward to as well. The tasks this week are here and are all linked to this so I do hope you will enjoy thinking about this transition phase. I have pitched these tasks at year 5 as almost all of year 6 are now in school, but the tasks can easily be adapted for year 6 thinking into year 7. I look forward to seeing your work! Best wishes, Mrs Thomas

Weekly tasks - 6/7/20

Yassou everyone! Well done for another phenomenal week of home learning. This week we will be thinking about everything we have achieved since we started school, our favourite memories and saying goodbye. An emotional time for sure but also filled with excitement about the possibilities of the year ahead! Can't wait to see what you achieve this week :) Weekly tasks

Our last full week of home learning

You have all done so well keeping up your home learning. I am amazed every week at the number of tasks you all have been doing and the inventive and interesting things that you have been learning about at home. Give your selves a very, very big pat on the back, (parents as well!) This week's tasks will be a mixture of our normal tasks and some preparation tasks for moving up to your new classes/ years when we all come back to school in September. (Which we are all so looking forward to!) (Year 1s, please see Oak Class blog for your tasks. if you would like the Year 1 White Rose tasks please drop me an email.) Year 2 Weekly Tasks Please do Tasks 1 & 2 first, then the others in any order. T

Singing assembly 2/7/20

Hello everyone - I've attempted to use 'loom' like Mr Smith does so that you can also see the lyrics to the songs we are learning - fingers crossed it works!

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