Day 2 Pt 2

Off we went in the mini bus down the road to a beautiful lake. We had to make our own rafts out of barrels and rope which was tricky as the ropes had to be tight and they were wet! Mrs Marsella Brookes couldn't resist a dip but obviously someone had to take the pictures on dry land! That would be Mrs Williams!

I don't think to be fair, that I laughed so much in a long while - they had so much fun and yes they all went in! In fact it ended up more like a swimming gala than a raft race - the words 'abandon ship' come to mind!

We all hot showers when we got back and then had some dinner which was home cooked and yummy.

The hot chocolate challenge tonight was excellent, with the children yet again demonstrating good team work and excellent map reading skills.

What does tomorrow have in store I wonder?

All the children are well and happy - hopefully you can see that in their faces from the pictures. We are both so lucky to have the pleasure to spend time and share adventures with your wonderful children. See you all tomorrow - here's to an early night!

Mrs Williams & Mrs Marsella Brookes.