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Day 1 - 19.9.16

Following the children's stop at the services they were delayed a little with some traffic. They arrived at the beach about 2.00 pm and spent a short time there before heading to the PGL site.

Please find some photos and Mrs Elwyn's Blog for day 1 below.

It’s evening here and there are still high levels of energy. We have had a great time on the beautiful beach at Weymouth.

The children paddled, built castles and dug holes and then the life guard showed them the rescue boat and boards and talked about his job. We managed to avoid any rain.

We have had a tour of the site and sorted out our belongings into our rooms. Dinner was very plentiful and a wide choice; sausage and mash seemed to be the favourite choice and a significant amount of salad was also eaten (great salad bar). Everyone is very excited about the accommodation and at the moment they are playing out the front or busy rearranging. The evening event is called ‘Splash’ so tomorrow I will let you know about that. Everyone is well and talking about tomorrow’s events.

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