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Day 2 - 20.9.16

Osmington Bay Day Two - Mrs Elwyn

Another action packed day started about 6am and is still continuing with rowdy songs around the camp fire led by our ‘groupie’ Isabel. The first activity for many was sailing. There was a little trepidation about the unknown for some but all rose to the expectations. The children had to learn to set up the sails, control the sails and tiller and lower the sails whilst still floating. It was a beautiful day in the harbour and the children enjoyed looking at the sights as well as controlling the boat. There was a real sense of success on our return to shore. Back at Osmington Bay the groups had explored the sensory trail and challenged themselves with abseiling. The abseiling proved to be the physical and emotional challenge of the day; not everyone came down but they did all make it up to the top of the very tall tower and experience standing at the edge. The instructors were brilliant at encouraging all the children. The children were very supportive of each other. Orienteering gave the children a more intellectual challenge as well as the opportunity to work on group organisation and listening to each other. A much better appreciation of the layout of the site was achieved through the orienteering. The children have now settled in and are enjoying the wide choice of food in the dining room and the fact that they can have what they like and how much. All are eating heartily. There are some immaculate rooms (not so sure about inside the cases) spurred on by a little competition. Tonight we are anticipating an earlier sleep after a day of fresh air and exercise.

Mrs Smith 4.30pm.

I have just finished speaking to Mrs Elwyn and Mrs Seamark on the phone - it is full on with activities but they will try and send some photos through later.

All the children enjoyed a hearty breakfast before setting out for their first activity. Two groups went off site for some sailing and needed to work as a team to work their boat. They learnt to put the sails up, control them and balance the boat so they could move out into the main part of the harbour. They then learnt how to bring the boat back in and take the sails down. A hugely successful activity. Other activities have been Aeroball which is very energetic, as well as Orienteering, Abseiling and the Sensory Trail. Food as ever is good and there is lots of choice. I think their will be some tired children today!


A good night - last room was quiet by 10.30pm! First room up and dressed ready by 6:15am! Super keen!

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