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Day 4 - 22.9.16


Well the internet is back working here although very slow. I have had the privilege of working with all the groups today on a variety of activities and even those i wasn't with i could hear as the screaming that came from the Giant swing was something else!! They all have absolutely loved that activity. They got to visit the shop today, luckily for many their maths skill ensured they could actually afford all the things they wished to buy! Many of them are now packed (although good luck when you actually open the cases!!) and are donning their party clothes. Your children are all tired but have clearly loved every minute of their time here and made some amazing memories.

A final blog will be posted tomorrow morning before we revert to texting to share the updates of their journey home.

Mrs Smith


The day has continued to be hot and sunny. Currently the children are enjoying aeroball, giant swing and Jacobs ladder.

Tonight children will need to pack before going to the disco. The internet is still down at the center but we do hope to get some photos up tonight.

All children are throughly exhausted but having a great time.

Mrs Smith


I have made a surprise trip down to PGL and I am about to enjoy archery. All groups are up and their rooms appeared to be extra tidy this morning. Everyone had a good breakfast and now the rain has cleared, there is blue sky and sun. We appeared to have technical issues last night so apologies there was no written blog. Everyone is safe and happy, all be it tired and that includes staff!

Mrs Smith.

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