Grendon Blog 7

So I have not long been home following my adventure to Grendon and what a great afternoon I had. The weather was gorgeous and I stayed on site with a group and saw some fabulous Archery and also some great team work in problem solving.

The other group went off site and did the rafting activity - on their return back I saw lots of smiley yet wet children!

The internet and mobile network is extremely poor over there so I have my photos to add to this evenings blog.

Dinner was yummy with apple crumble and custard for pudding being in the main popular with the children.

I transformed my self into shop keeper and made sure they kept their maths brains working with some quick money calculations as they bought souvenirs and a few other sugary delights!

Finally they prepared for the Camp Fire which was starting as I left.

The children are having a ball and giving everything in their activities. In fact the activities manager really sang their praises to me.

Well one more night and then a trip to the swamp and then they will be returned to you - memories made and probably quite tired!

Following lunch tomorrow the coach will depart and I will text you with an ETA. We do however expect this to be about 3pm.

Night all,

Mrs Smith

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