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Natural History Museum- At School and in London

Yesterday Ash class were learning about animals in two different ways. Some of the children went to London to visit the Natural History Museum. Some of the children were at school turning the classroom into a museum.

Jemima said, " My favourite part was the earthquake because I laughed so much. It was fun!"

Madeleine said, " My favourite part was making the masks. I made a fox!"

Click on the title to find information about both days and see the slideshows.



Some of the children went to London to visit the Natural History Museum. We met at Kings Sutton Station and travelled by train to London. We went on the tube to the museum and the children got to experience using their train tickets to get to different places. In the museum we visited the mammals section and saw the big blue whale. We explored the exhibits of the creepy crawlies, dinosaurs and saw beautiful gems and rocks. We travelled back to London Marylebone via a big red bus which was lots of fun.


In school some of the children had an amazing time learning about fossils and even made some of their own. They found out about dangerous animals in the world and made some lovely sketches. They then turned the classroom into the Natural History Museum and invited Year 4 to come and visit, sharing some of their exhibits they had created (including some rare dinosaur eggs). They then made some fantastic masks in the the afternoon.


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