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Birch Class had an amazing week last week!

WOW!What a busy but fantastic week we had last week.

We were luck enough to go on two trips!

On Tuesday we went on our first trip was to Tesco in Banbury to link with our World Kitchen topic.

We tasted cheese, fruit and bread from around the world and had to guess which country they were from...we did pretty well.

After that we had to find foods from Easter Europe, the Mediterranean, India, China and Mexico.

We also had great fun finding out what happens behind the scenes and were allowed into the huge fridges and freezers which are kept at -20 degrees, brrrrr!!

Finally, we did a quick bit of shopping to buy the ingredients for our Exotic Fruit Cocktail that we made back in school. We bought: papayas, oranges, mangoes, coconut, guava juice, limes, passion fruits and pomegranates. It was delicious!

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