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World Kitchen - Our views...

This term Birch class have travelled the globe in their new topic World Kitchen. Jumping from country to country they have explored different food from different countries such as: olives from Spain; bratwurst from Germany; tacos from Mexico; noodles from China; full English from the UK and many more…

Birch Class have also written poems about their favourite foods, for some this had proven quite a challenge! ‘‘One of my favourite parts of World Kitchen,’’ began Charlie C ‘‘was probably when we got to make fruit salad it was really fun chopping the fruit and even more fun tasting it!’’ Ellie’s favourite part of the topic was definitely tasting the food, ‘‘all the food was really tasty, apart from the olives!’’

World Kitchen has been an amazing topic and we all be sad when it ends.

By Bea


This term we have been learning about World Kitchen. We have visited many different countries like Mexico, France, Germany, Italy and our home country England. We’ve been tasting food, seeing how it’s made and what they eat it with. We learnt that people in France have 3 meals a day with snacking in between. French onion soup is a traditional food and they are partial to snails! Bread is also a favourite. The Italians love Pizza and pasta. Mexicans like Tacos and Burritos. Did you know that Frankfurter sausages aren't made in Germany? They are made in America! The German's are famous for their sausages - Bratwust.

I have really enjoyed this topic and I didn't want it to end. My favourite part was trying the food and filling in a passport that Mrs. Perry made for us. I also got to design the stamps.

I have learnt that I love many foods from the different cultures!

By Grace


This term birch class have been travelling the world in our Wold kitchen topic.

We have been exploring different foods. We have been to Spain, china, Mexico, Germany and the UK.

I have found out that: Olives come from Spain. Noodles come from China. Tacos come from Mexico.

Bratwurst come from Germany. Full English comes from Uk.

By Charlie C



This term our topic has been World Kitchen which is all about trying food and making a stamp for each country we visit. First of all we visited ENGLAND were we made a bar graph of the class' favourite food. And our homework that week was to make a bar graph of our family’s favourite food. Unfortunately, as we had already tried English food earlier on in the year we didn’t get to try any more English food.

Next we visited GERMANY were we looked at the population of the country as we did with all the other countries. Then we looked at their language, currency, climate, and top 5 foods. Next we drew our own stamp for Germany. As we did with all the other countries. Next we visited Spain were we did the same and after we finished writing and drawing we tried Spanish and German food at the same time. Next we went to Mexico were we did the same writing and drawing but I’ll tell you something tacos was not in the Top 5 food in Mexico. Lastly we visited China were we did the same thing. I have really enjoyed this topic and would love to do it again.

By Joshua


In our topic we have been learning about World kitchen.

For instance the first week we learnt about the top 5 English foods, the top food was sticky toffee pudding.

One of the days we went to Banbury Tesco on a coach for the morning, while we were there we went in the big storage freezers in the warehouse, we quickly left because it was freezing. They store a lot of their foods in there. We also tried some food such as breads, cheeses and some fruit.

One of the days we made fruit salad in class, we had pineapple, apples etc. and guava juice.

The second week we learnt about Spain and the capital city, top 5 food and the population of Spain.

The third week we learnt about Germany and the top 5 foods. Capital city and the population of Germany. Germany loves its food such as sauerkraut (it’s basically a cabbage dish).

The fourth week we looked at Mexico. Enchiladas are one of Mexico’s most famous food, in 2015 the population was 127 million, the currency of Mexico is peso.

The last week we learnt about Chinese culture. Chinese food is manly based on rice’s and noodles, some of the famous dishes are chicken chowmein, duck pancakes, spring rolls and dumplings.

In 2015 the population was 1.371. China is a really large country. I have really enjoyed doing this topic.

By Dylan B


I have really enjoyed this topic. I have learnt a lot over the last few weeks. My favourite country we have visited was Germany because the food is very different from any other countries. We have done so many fun things this term like making the passports, visiting lots of different countries and tasting food from Spain and Germany. I think this topic has been great but I wish we could have done some cooking. We still haven’t visited India but I think it’s going to be so much fun! I think I have enjoyed this just as much as the Egyptian topic which was so fun too.

By Annabel B


World kitchen is a very important subject to look over because it educates you about food. For example; to know what food is healthy and unhealthy, learning about how much you should have and how often you should eat. It’s also important to know where to get your food from most of the time instead of eating fast-food and eating from restaurants. It’s important to thank the farmers that work in your local area for growing all the healthy, nutritious food that they grow for you. It’s okay to have a treat now and again but you have to have a balanced diet otherwise you could get very poorly depending on your diet. You should look after your body this means eating healthy.

By Keira


Oliver’s World kitchen experience

This Summer term our class has been learning about World kitchen. This topic was incredible because it involved leaning about food in different counties. The counties that we visited were: England, Scotland, Germany, Spain, India, Mexico and China.

The first countries we visited were England and Scotland, oh did I mention that we also go to try food from some of the countries. It was really fun and some if it delicious. The next countries we went to were Spain and Germany the food that we tasted for Spain was Chorizo and olives and for Germany sausage. After that we looked at the countries Mexico and Kenya although we have not tasted food from them yet.

It was quite an experience when we took a school trip to Tesco. At Tesco, we bought lots of things to make an exotic fruit salad. We brought things like: grapefruit, mango, starfruit, pineapple and many more. My favourite part of the trip was when we went in the freezer. It was -20. Oh my it was so cold!

Overall I really enjoyed world kitchen, it is definitely in my top 10 favourite topics.

By Oliver


We went around the world with this topic! All the countries were really interesting and I thought it was amazingly fun. All of the countries we have visited have been totally different from each other.

With each country we investigated, analysed and searched all about country’s population, currency, climate, language and more importantly the top five foods.

The countries we have visited so far on our journey around the world are; Mexico, England, china, Germany and Spain.

To increase our knowledge of world food we went on a very informative trip to Tesco, here we had the opportunity to taste different fruits, breads and cheeses from around the world. We then went around the shop finding different foods and their origins. Also we got to eat lots!

During our world kitchen topic, we have designed and made our own passports. We have to give our gender, a description of ourselves, where we were born and name. In order to show were we had traveled we designed a stamp for each country. Have never travelled so far without leaving my seat.

Whilst we were exploring the different countries, Mrs Perry was planning for us to taste food form some of them. From the whole class, we would love to say thank you to Mrs Perry. This topic has been amazing so far and we hope that the rest of the topic will be just as amazing.

By Ellie N


We have made fruit salad. We had to cut oranges and pomegranate and pineapple. When we have done, we chose some fruits to go in our fruit salad and I chose coconut, pomegranate, oranges, pineapple with some guava juice - it was delicious, everyone loved it. We got the fruit form Tesco when we went on our school trip. The fruit salad was amazing.

By Ruby J


This term we are still looking at our world kitchen topic. Some of the more resent countries are Spain, Germany, Mexico and China. We have eaten Spanish food and German food. I preferred the German food. The Spanish food was olives, chorizo and a few others. But the German foods included sauerkraut, bratwurst, salami and pretzels. (sauerkraut is horrible sorry Mrs Perry).

When we visit a country we find out the currency, language, temperature and the top 5 foods. We also draw a stamp for the country that is not the flag. I would like to try the food for Mexico and Kenya. I ope we don’t eat ostrich or crocodile!

By Nathan G


Our world kitchen topic has been amazing! I have learned so many things that I didn't know! Many of the foods in my cupboard come from lots of different countries. Most of my favourite foods are from Italy - pizza and pasta, yum!

I really enjoyed our trip to Tesco supermarket where we got to go behind the scenes. We went shopping to make our fruit salads and went in a very cold refrigerator - brrrr!

I also enjoyed tasting all the different foods that Mrs Perry brought into school. We had olives and chorizo from Spain and sauerkraut from Germany. I wasn't keen on the sauerkraut!

It was very interesting when we watched a program about Jamie Oliver. He visited a school in America and he asked the pupils to name various fruits and vegetables. Not one of them knew what a tomato was! That surprised me.

I have really enjoyed our world kitchen topic. It has been one of my best topics so far. It has helped me to gain more knowledge and try different foods. Hmmmm what's for dinner today mum?

Maisie J



Preparing and eating food with family and friends is a pleasant, relaxing pastime that is experienced with different foods around the world.

In the UK the top three foods eaten are roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, fish and chips and steak and kidney pie.

In Spain the top foods eaten are paella, cured meats like chorizo sausage and ratatouille.

In Germany the top foods eaten are bratwurst, schnitzel and black forest cake.

In China the top foods eaten are sweet and sour pork, dumplings, chow mien, spring rolls and Peking roast duck.

Most countries usually eat special foods on special occasions. For example, at Christmas time, here in the UK we eat roast turkey, Christmas cake, fruit pudding and ginger bread biscuits.

At Easter we eat hot cross buns, roast lamb and simnel cake.

In the UK a lot of our fruit and vegetables are imported from Portugal, Spain, Ethiopia, Chile, Israel, South Africa and Jordan.

My favourite foods are seafood, pasta, egg fried rice with spring onions, all types of soup, pizza, chicken and chips and cauliflower.

By Genna

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