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Oak weeks 4 and 5

These last 2 weeks we have been 'On the move' and the role play area has transformed into a bus stop. It has made for some delightful role play opportunities, with comments such as 'you can't get on without a ticket!', 'is everyone alright at the back?', 'can you take me to the baby shop?' and my personal favorite: 'take the M4 - it will be quicker'. I wonder where they were going?! We have been looking at books such as Mr Gumpy's Motor Car and The Hundred Decker Bus which has led to activities such as more role play, writing opportunities, painting with cars and creating our very own 100 (17!) decker bus. As well as transport we have been looking at the seasons and learning about Harvest. We went on a lovely walk to Alice's farm where we learnt all about combine harvesters and then onto the church for the Harvest service (all in our wellies). There was also the community tea where the children sang some lovely songs to members of the community, who were all very impressed with how well the children sang. Mrs Bray got rather emotional watching the children sing - they were a true credit to the school! Phew - that's a lot of stuff, and there is so much more I could write about but I will let you look through the pictures instead. I hope everyone is well rested and ready for another exciting week at school!

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