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The first term of the new year is nearly done and the children continue to make me proud with their amazing attitudes and progress. All children have shared their favourite toys with the class and have shown excellent speaking and listening skills. I am rather jealous of all of their fabulous toys! As well as sharing our toys we have learnt about a real toy hospital, made our own toy hospital (which sometimes doubles as an Oak class hospital!), labelled some toys, gone hunting for escaped toys and investigated toy dinosaurs. Who knew toys could help so much in our learning?! It will be exciting to see where our toys take us next term.

Equally as exciting, we have started doing Karate this term with Sensei Lee and it has been so much fun! As well as teaching the children various karate moves, he has taught them how to count to ten in Japanese and what to do if a stranger approaches them. The children have absolutely loved it. Have a look at the photos to see a glimpse of all the fun we have had this term.

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