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Osmington Bay - Day 2

Good Morning. Once the evening activities were completed, children last night settled in their rooms! There was quite a bit of chatting but by 10.30 all was generally quiet. This morning we were up with the lark for our 7.25 breakfast which was enjoyed by all. Today the children will experience a coastal walk, abseiling, street surfing and the zip wire.

8.30 pm

A great second day has been had by all! In the morning we visited the beach and played some fun games. After we tried street skating. I was so impressed with how the children persevered as at first they struggled to master it! Everyone improved and some had a go by themselves by the end. As for what exactly it is you can hopefully tell from the photos!

We had jacket potatoes for lunch and then had a brilliant afternoon abseiling and doing the zip wire. Everyone challenged themselves and all 22 managed to go down the zip wire. I was so proud of them all. As I write the children are playing a big game of Cluedo in teams to find out who has kidnapped snappy the crocodile.

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