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Birch Class General Election

Birch class set up six political parties with manifestos and pledges they felt passionate about. This could have been local, national or world issues they would like to change and improve. The following six parties were created- Blue Planet Party, CP Party, Pollution Party, Anti-Bullying Society, Hospital Conscience Party and The Nature Party. Groups had the challenge of writing speeches, leaflets and posters to try and get their message across to the school voters. Each day this week, two political parties had to read their speeches out to the school to persuade them to vote for them to run the country on December the 12th. They canvassed at lunch-times with their leaflets. On Thursday all the school were given the change to vote at our own polling station and the winning party was announced in Achievement Assembly this afternoon. The winning part was The Blue Planet Party and now Isabel S is our new Prime Minister.

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