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Tuesday 24th March - Dogger again!

Hello again Ash Class, I hope you had a good day today - what beautiful weather! Did you manage any of the home learning tasks? I enjoyed seeing some pictures of your creatures! Of my 4 boys, one was very keen to do some tasks and the others needed a little bit of encouragement so I do know how you feel! Today I would like to jog your memories... think back to the marvellous story 'Dogger,' by Shirley Hughes. It was about a little boy called Dave who lost his favourite toy dog. Later, it had somehow ended up for sale on a stall at the fete. Dave didn't have enough money to buy it and then - oh no! - a little girl bought it and refused to part with it! Luckily Dave's big sister saved the day by swapping the teddy she had won (which was huge!) with Dogger. We all felt very relieved for Dave and commented on what a kind big sister he had. So... your task today is to create something linked to the story. Would you like to draw / write a comic strip? A poem? Draw and label a picture about it? Write the next chapter? Design a book cover for it? Write a review of the story? or even read another book by Shirley Hughes and tell me about it! Good luck.

Missing you all lots, Mrs Thomas

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