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Wednesday 25th March - Amazing Arrays!

Good morning Ash class and I hope your Tuesday went well. Thank you for the emails containing pictures of work etc. – it is good to keep in touch!

Today I would like you to complete some maths work. Do you remember the work on arrays? This is a way of showing multiplication with rows that can be looked at in two directions, e.g. 2 rows of 6 ladybirds could be turned around to show 6 rows of 2 ladybirds. This then helps us to see that 6x2 = 2x6.

Can you choose some objects from your home or garden to show some times tables arrays? E.g. a lego brick or an egg box.

Can you write the connected multiplication facts?

Year 1 could focus on 2, 5 or 10 x table facts while Year 2 could also try the 3 x table.

Good luck!

Mrs Thomas

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