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Daily Task 2nd April- Backwards Ice Cube Melting Race

As part of our Materials of Properties topic in Science I would like you to compete in the ‘Backwards Ice Cube Melting Race! (CLICK THIS LINK FOR MORE DETAILS OR READ BELOW)

First you need to find out what a thermal insulator and conductor is: watch this video please

You need to predict which material acts to best insulate Ice- To keep it from melting. We can compete as a class or you could also have a race with your family at home if they are not busy (perhaps you could ask them to pick a material and you could carry out the race). The winning person will be the one with the largest piece of ice left after 10 minutes of melt time. Send me a photo so I can pick a class winner. Who will be the winner in your family?

You will need to pick a material from around the home that you can wrap your ice-cube in. Remember wrap it quickly! You might need some tape to stick it all together.

Could be one of the following:

-Tea towel

-Kitchen Roll

- Bubble Wrap





-Cotton Wool


-Cling Film

Write a sentence why you have picked this particular item. Put your wrapped item in a bowl so water doesn’t get everywhere. After 10 minutes unwrap your cubes and lay them out to compare. Take a photo to send to me. Examine them closely to determine a family winner (if competing with family) There could be a tie!

Have a think about why you or they might have won or lost? What have you now found out!

If you don’t have an ice cube tray. Let me know what material you think will be the best and I will set it up for you.

Have fun!

Mr Smith


Mr Smith

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