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Live Quiz- Friday 3rd 11am

Good morning,

Can't wait to see your entries for the whole school challenge of the spirited arts competition.

Well done for all your emails and messages regarding my challenge yesterday. Glad to see you have some family competitions. It was hard to see a winner from the photographs but it was interesting that tin foil seemed to come out on top even though it is a electricity conductor, mainly because it reflects the heats from the outside protecting the ice cube. Other good materials included bubble wrap because it protects the cube with a layer of air and felt which also keeps the warm air out. The trick with this is protecting the warm air from getting to the ice. When we wear coats in the winter the layers protect the warmth from our bodies escaping into the cold air. A coat would also be good for a snowman to keep the cold in and the warmth out.

Thought I would do another Friday Kahoot Quiz on Teams at 11am today. You need a screen to see the questions (or I will read them out) and a place to type your answers in (App on a phone or tablet is easier). The theme is Chocolate with a link to the Mayans and Aztecs.

Hopefully see you at 11am. If not you will find the challenge on here later to do at your own pace.

UPDATE 11:53am


Mr Smith

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