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Whole School Task

Good Morning Everyone!

Your task today is the same for the whole school and we would like you to, design and create an entry for the Spirited Arts 2020 Art in Heaven Competition.

This is a world-wide competition! Please send your completed work to your teacher and we will have our own school mini competition; we will choose the best 10 to enter.

You can find the different themes to choose from below. Any art form is accepted. This could be drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, dance, music, video or any other media.

Winning entries will provide a good response to one of the 5 themes and judges will be asking: Is it original? Is it well-crafted? And (most importantly!) Is it excellent RE?

You will need to write briefly about your artwork too. There are some suggested prompts for this below too, but free writing is encouraged. A single A4 sheet of 400 words is the maximum size for your’ commentaries.

We hope you have fun getting creative with this task and look forward to seeing your entries!

We don’t expect this task to be completed today and hope you might spend some time over the holidays creating, thinking and working on your piece. When it is completed please send a picture to your teacher.

If you would like to get further ideas from previous years or further information please go to:

As ever any questions please email us.

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