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Daily task - 20/04/202

Hello again Oak Class! I hope you're all feeling refreshed and ready for some new home learning activities. I'm still missing you all very much but just think about how wonderful it will be when we get to go back to school and see each other again!

Today's task is to write a blurb for our new story 'Oak Class to the Rescue'. Can you remember what a blurb is? It's the writing on the back of a book that tells us what the story is about. My book doesn't have a blurb so I would like you to write one for me. I would then like you to send me a picture of your work and I will stick it onto the back of the book! Please also try extra hard with your handwriting - remember how each letter should be formed (if you aren't sure then look at the document at the bottom of Oak Class page called 'Handwriting phrases'). If you are in Year 1 I would like you to write at least 4 sentences - I know you can do it! Good luck everyone - can't wait to see your work!

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