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Weekly task

Hello! Thank you to those of you who were able to attend the zoom meeting today - it was lovely to see you all. Moving forward you will now be given a weekly task, as well as a daily one, for you to work on through out the week.

Your weekly task is related to our new topic - Castles, Knights and Dragons! I would like you to write down everything you already know about castles, knights and dragons and also write down some questions about what you would like to find out. You can ask your parents for help if you have a lot to write but I would also like you to have a good go at writing some yourself.

If you are in Year 1, then as well capital letters and finger spaces, I would also like to see some questions marks!

Please also remember that I have set tasks for you on Spelling Shed, Reading Eggs and Sumdog - well done to those of you who have managed to go on at some point.

I hope you enjoy our new topic and I can't wait to see all of the lovely learning you produce!

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