Daily task - 22/04/2020

Good Morning Oak Class! I'm so pleased to have seen lots of lovely writing, pictures and videos about the Battle of Hastings.....there were some rather ferocious fights going on! :)

Can you remember why the battle started? It was because more than one person thought they should be king - do you think you have what it takes to be a king or queen?? What DOES it take to be a king or queen? Do you think you should be brave? Or strong? Or kind? Or clever?

I would like you to draw/paint a picture of yourself - from the neck up - as a king or queen. What will your crown look like I wonder? Please take your time with the picture, maybe you could have a look in a mirror whilst you draw yourself. After you have done that I would like you to write some words around your picture which describe the qualities of a king or queen.

If you are in Reception you can just write the words around the picture (like 'strong' or 'brave' etc) and if you are in Year 1 (or Reception for a challenge!) I would like you to write down at least 3 sentences using those words. I would like you to use the special word 'because' to explain why you think a king/queen should be kind or brave. Your sentence might say something like:

A king should be brave because he has to speak to lots of people.


A queen should be clever because she has to make lots of decisions.

I can't wait to see some of your creations! Have fun my kings and queens!