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Daily Task 30th April- Active Maths

Good morning, A bit of active maths like we do in school every week. Have a go and remember you don't need to do all the challenges but see how many ways you can make the number. Only use one one-digit number in the calculation to challenge yourself.

Any questions please ask. Send me your workings out if you are able to.

Mr Smith


  1. Pick 5 different types of exercise, such as star jumps, shuttle runs, sit ups, etc. Count how many of one exercise activity you can do in 1 minute. Keep a note of your score

  2. Repeat for each exercise, resting between each one

  3. Total up all five scores – this is your target number

  4. Write down as many ways you can think of to make your target number using two operations

  5. Try adding three numbers to make the target number, ten times. For example, if your number was 405, this could be calculated as 200 + 200 + 5 = 405 or 300 + 100 + 5 = 405.


Can you hit your target number using subtraction, multiplication or division? Brackets are useful for organising complex questions, e.g. (20 x 20) + 5 =405. Can you use squared or cubed numbers? What about multiplying or dividing by 10 and 100?

File to download - HIT the TARGET

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