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Weekly task - 4/5/20

Hello Oak class, welcome to another week of online learning!

This week we are celebrating FOUR birthdays! Three lovely Reception children have turned/will be turning 5 this week - Rohan, Adelaide and Oliver G AND one lovely Year 1 will be turning 6 - Jack D - so to celebrate with them we will be having a zoom party on Thursday. To prepare for our party I would like you to make one of the following to wear: A crown, a dragon mask or a knights mask. Our meeting will be on Thursday this week with just our class. It will be at 10am and I hope to see lots of you there in your masks or crowns. We can chat to the birthday children and find out what exciting things they got for their birthdays and I will read a story as well. Here is an additional challenge if you have time: If you make a crown - can you find out about a famous king or queen? If you make a dragon mask - can you find out about a famous dragon? If you make a knights mask - can you find out about a famous knight? If you manage to do this, we can share what you found out on Thursday too! Have fun Oak class - can't wait to see you xx

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