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Weekly Task- 11th May- HW competition

Good morning, Mrs Hawes has set this week's task:

For many years our school has submitted entries for the above awards and I am delighted to tell you that The Queen Mother's Handwriting Awards are still going ahead this year. It is now possible for the children to enter independently.

The judges will be changing the judging process this year so as to comply with the government guidelines regarding social distancing. This year all the entries will be posted to one of the judges who will do the first sift. Once this has been completed photos will be taken of the remaining entries and sent to the other judges for them to decide collectively on the winners for each class. To allow time for the entries to be administered before posting to the judge it has been necessary to amend the closing date for entries. The deadline for entries to be received is now Friday 22nd May 2020. the schedule is attached.

See doc for more information and the poem to copy: The Queen's Mother Handwriting Competition

Birch and Elm will need to use line guides- Which could be printed off or you can use your learning journals as line guided and you could go over the lines with the felt-tip if you are struggling to see the lines through the paper.

Mrs Hawes

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