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Ash Class Daily Task 13.5.20 - Wow words!

One of our objectives in English is to discuss word meanings, linking new meanings to those already known. In our story The Kiss that Missed, we came across some super vocabulary. Do you remember the two words that meant almost the same, meaning that you stick by someone? The words were loyal and faithful. We also heard some super sound words; squawk and squeak.

Can you choose one or two words from below, or of your choice, and see how many other words you can find that mean the same or similar? Which ones do you like best? Can you underline your favourite? Maybe you could write it in a sentence or draw a picture to illustrate it.

You might use a thesaurus if you have one, or an online thesaurus, or ask your family members if you get stuck.

Here is an example using ‘saw’

SAW = looked, gazed, viewed, stared, peered, peeked, observed, noticed, watched, glanced, glimpsed

Examples of words you could choose:

  • Walked

  • Said

  • Angry

  • Scared

  • Sad

  • Happy

  • Your choice

Any questions, please do ask.

Mrs Thomas

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