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Weekly Task W/b 18th May- Olympics

The Olympics started in Ancient Greece and was a huge event. The different states were often at war but there was always peace during the games as it was a religious event.

Look through PPT to complete these 3 activities:

Task 1. Look at different paintings and pottery which show the events. Look at Greek Vases in the Photo Pack and try to work out what sport is depicted on each vase.

Task 2: The Legacy: What events are still played at the Olympics today? What legacy has been left behind? List Ancient Greek Olympic events and Modern Olympic events. Comparing the Ancient and Modern Olympic Games on a venn diagram. You can write it out in your learning journals or you can print off the following document.

Task 3: Guess the event! Children to pose in an Olympic event stance (like the pots) and post a photo on teams in ancient Greek channel and we will try to guess the sport.

Mr Smith

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