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Daily task - 20/5/20

Hola Oak class! That means hello in Spanish. I will try and come up with a different hello each time if I can. Well done on your excellent catapults! So far the furthest one has gone 350cm/3.5m and that was by Alana……well done Alana! I wonder if anyone is able to beat that distance – Samuel’s and Edie’s also went really far….I wonder if you can get it to go even further?

Today I would like you to think about how a castle was protected – there were so many ways – portcullis, battlements, murder holes, drawbridge, a moat. A moat meant that attacking armies couldn’t easily get to the castle, they had to swim across a river of water first. I would like you to make a miniature moat and think about VOLUME. How many cups of water does it take to fill your moat? Please watch my video for more details on your daily task. Can’t wait to hear how it went!

PS – I’m sorry about my grumpy face towards my sister at the end! I’m sorry to my sister too!

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