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Playing with Number Sentences with Mrs Hemsley

Today’s task is to play with digits and mathematical symbols to make number sentences that are true.

Watch the video below to see me explain the task to you.

Remember that this time you don't have to use all the cards, but you must make as many true number statements as you can. Don’t forget to record what they have done, and don’t forget to work in a systematic, organised and careful way to make sure that you have found all of the number sentences.

If you would like an extra challenge (Year 2) you could use the odd numbers between 0 and 9 to do an extra investigation.

Key questions for adults to ask

What have you tried so far?

How will you know you have found all the different number sentences?

Are there any other sums that have the 8 in them?

Are there any other addition sums?

Can you make any number sentences with all four numbers?

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