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Home Learning w/c 8th June

Thank you for all of your comments last week. It would seem that lots of you liked having lots of lessons to choose from at the beginning of the week so I am going to continue in this way for this week. Please continue to let me know what you think.

As before, remember that we are recommending that you do one piece of work a day, a mixture of Maths and Literacy and also our Topic Task. If your child is happy to choose another task, then fantastic. Please mark your child's work with them so that any misconceptions can be identified and corrected while the task is fresh.

Zoom Lesson - We will be having a Zoom Bingo sesssion on Monday at 1.10. Look out for your email invitation and make sure that you have your bingo card ready.

Topic Task

This week I would like the children to plant a runner bean in a pot and take care of it and watch it grow over the coming weeks.

There are runner bean seeds in the office for you to collect. If you cannot come in please phone or email and we will pop them in the post to you.

There is a Bean Diary to print out and to start filling in. Please complete the pages showing the equipment needed and the planting pictures to sequence. Here are the instructions how to plant your bean. You will need a small plant pot or a yogurt pot with some drainage holes.

Watch this film about what plants need to grow to help you to fill in the pages in your Bean Diary. What plants need to grow.

Year 1 English

Year 1 Maths - Please do lessons 2 and 4.

Year 2 English

The Story of Milk. Please do the text and sentence tasks.

Year 2 Maths - This is a tricky one! Please start by looking at lesson 1 and if your child is happy with the principal of fractions being equal part and how the fraction is written go straight onto lessons 3 & 4. If your child could benefit from a recap feel free to stick with lessons 1 & 2.

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