Weekly tasks - 8/6/20

Ciao Oak Class! I was so impressed with all of the work you completed last week - I'm going to make a shared display in class to put it on. Keep sending in pictures - it's such a treat to see you and your work. Below is your next set of tasks and the extra things you may need to complete them. If you are in Reception you are more than welcome to have a go at the year 1 challenges if you would like to - I know many of you have been anyway :)

I hope you enjoy it - make sure to email me if you're unsure about anything. Still missing you x

Weekly tasks

World map


Task 1 video:

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Hello everyone, I'm super excited to get to see some of you today! There won't be any more home learning tasks set so I want to enjoy your summer as much as you can. I've set some revision on Spelling