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Ash Zoom on Monday

Good morning everyone.

We will be holding another Ash Zoom meeting on Monday at 1.10. (Please see your emails for an invitation.)

In preparation for this I would like you to have a look at Harold's Daily Diary for Friday 12th June, (yes, I know that was last Friday!)

Harold was thinking about all of his friends and family that he hasn't been able to meet up with because of the virus situation. For our Zoom this week I would like you to make a paper chain of your friends and family that you love. (Instructions are on Harold's web page.)

Think about how you are keeping in touch with them and how you are showing them that you are thinking about them. Be prepared to show your paper chain of people and to tell me who they are and how you can still show them that you love them even though you can't be near them.

Parents, SCARF is a wonderful online resource for social and emotional health that we use in school. Harold's Daily Diary is available to you every day and has some lovely ideas for well being so do have a check in.

Looking forward to seeing you and all your 'little people' on Monday.

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