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Home tasks W/C 22nd June

Good morning.

Here are the suggested weekly tasks for Ash Class for the week. I have included at the end the White Rose Maths Video lessons for the week and a reading comprehension but these are entirely optional so please feel free to disregard them or to pick and choose what you may feel is helpful to you.

Ash Class Weekly Tasks

Task 1 Doubles and halves game

Task 2 We have been listening to The Paper Bag Princess in school. This is a lovely story which really turns around the usual beautiful princess gets rescued by princes story. Elizabeth has to rescue Ronald, who is not the most chivalrous prince ever! Look at the Read Along Story and then look at the pictures. Can you write some questions that Ronald, Elizabeth or the dragon may be asking. Don't forget to use questions marks!

Task 3 Choose a task from Real PE At Home

Task 4 Join our Zoom lesson on Monday at 1.10. Find your invitation on an email.

Task 5 Can you paint a dragon eye. Imagine the dragon is looking in at the window at you and you can only see his eye. Look at the powerpoint that shows some lovely dragon eye illustrations and particularly at slide 6 which is the effect we were aiming for in class. Slide 7 show some of the children's dragon eyes from Year 1 at school, which are amazing.

A suggested timetables could be Monday- Zoom, Tuesday - Maths, Wednesday - PE, Thursday - English, Friday - Art.

Please remember that you can still choose to complete tasks from the packs that were sent home at the end of last term.

Totally optional tasks from White Rose and a reading comprehension.

Year 2

English Tasks Playing with Words (Text) Playing with Words (Questions)

Maths Tasks video lessons links

lesson 1 sheet answers

lesson 2 sheet answers

lesson 3 sheet answers

lesson 4 sheet answers

Year 1

English Tasks Imagine If (Text) Imagine If (Questions)

Maths Tasks Video lesson links

lesson 1 sheet answers

lesson 2 sheet answers

lesson 3 sheet answers

lesson 4 sheet answers

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