Newbottle and Charlton is asking for the support and understanding of our visitors in helping us minimise the risk of COVID-19.

Our school continues to take guidance from Public Health England. Taking this into account, we are now limiting access to the site to essential visitors only.

If your visit to our school is an essential one, we would nevertheless ask that you refrain coming into school if:

  • you have travelled from or transited through any of the countries or areas that are currently on ‘lockdown’ in the past 14 days.

  • You have developed a fever (above 37.8C), has a new, continuous cough within the last seven days. or has a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia),

  • anyone in your household is required to self-isolate in accordance with Government guidelines.


  1. Please use the hand sanitiser on arrival before you sign in.

  2. If you are here for the first time, please complete the attached form with your contact details to help with NHS ‘Test and Trace’ should the need arise.

  3. All visitors must follow current guidance relating to social distancing.

  4. Please ensure you only visit the room/s directed to by the member of staff.

  5. We will record the areas which you visit during your visit, together with the names of any people you speak to while on site. This is to support the track and trace system as far as we are able

  6. In school we do not use PPE equipment unless in emergencies but you are welcome to use your own.

  7. Please tell a member of staff, if you are feeling unwell straight away to ensure you can be isolated away from the rest of the school and to minimise risk of spreading.

  8. We ask that your wear a mask while you are working in our school.


The easing of social and economic lockdown measures following the Covid-19 outbreak is being supported by NHS Test and Trace. We will assist this service by keeping a temporary record of our visitors’ personal details for 21 days. We will need your name and a contact, preferably mobile phone number – to ensure everyone’s safety before you enter the building. Your email and postal address will also be helpful to support NHS information gathering on potential Covid-19 Clusters. We are also asking that you record who you came into contact with during your visit.