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Author Tracey Corderoy Visits
Bayeux Tapestry Filming
Bishop John Visiting
Vistors from Bungoma
Child Enterprise 2015
Children In Need
Choir at All Saints Church
Christmas Community Tea
Christmas Party Day
Class 3 trip to Ashmolean
Class 4 Weymouth
Dancer in School
Easter Community Tea
Easter Fayre March 2015
Following Edgar - WW1 Show
Gillian Cross visits school
Harvest Sale
Hazard Alley Yr 6
Mad Science - Class 3
Mad Science - Class 1
KS1 Dance Festival
KS1 Nativity 2014
Lets Make Christmas
May Day 2015
Mosaic Day July 2015
Peripatetic Concert - March 2015
Wild West Camp Fire
Smoothie making for Comic Relief
Solar Eclipse
Story Share
The Great Big Turnip
Value Term 1
Value Term 2
Value Term 3
Whole School Trip to Reading Museum

2014 - 2015 Photo Gallery

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