New expectations for our curriculum

We will need to modify our curriculum substantially at the start of the academic year, but aim to return to our normal curriculum for all pupils by summer term 2021.

We will assess pupils’ staring points and address gaps in their knowledge and skills, and use this to inform changes to our curriculum.


Primary schools

For pupils in early years:

  • For children in nursery: focus on the prime areas of learning, including communication and language; personal, social and emotional development (PSED); and physical development

  • For children in reception: focus on the above, but also assess and address gaps in language, early reading and maths, particularly ensuring children’s acquisition of phonic knowledge and extending their vocabulary

  • For all children: follow updates to the disapplication guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage and consider how all groups of children can be given equal opportunities for outdoor learning


For pupils in KS1 and KS2, prioritise:

  • Identifying gaps and re-establishing good progress in the ‘essentials’ (phonics and reading, increasing vocabulary, writing and maths)

  • Identifying opportunities across the curriculum so they read widely

  • Developing their knowledge and vocabulary


We will keep the curriculum broad, so that the majority of pupils are taught a full range of subjects over the year (e.g. sciences, humanities, the arts, PE, RE, computing).

The Department for Education is planning on the basis that statutory primary assessments will take place in summer 2021, although it has delayed the introduction of the new reception baseline assessment until September 2021.