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Wrap-Around Care

At Newbottle and Charlton CEVA Primary school we are very proud to be able to offer a ‘wrap around care’ facility to our pupils. This service is available to all pupils that are registered at the school. All children are under full adult supervision at all times.


  • To provide a welcoming, safe, secure environment for pupils between 7:40-8:40am and after the school day up until 5:30pm.

  • To provide an affordable service to parents/carers

  • To continue to build positive links/relationships with parents;

  • To provide children with a nutritious breakfast at the start of the day/ have an afterschool snack in a pleasant and relaxed environment;

  • To provide a calm play environment in which children can engage socially with children from other year groups, therefore strengthening relationships in the school community.

  • To encourage physical activities to promote healthy living

We offer a pre-booked place (Booked and paid a month in advance)

We offer an ad-hoc place (Booked and paid in advance when sessions are not regular)

We offer an emergency place (Booked on day and paid as soon as possible)

Please contact the office if you have an questions or you would like a registration form

 Fees 2023-24

Breakfast Club

 Flat fee of- £4.00


After School Club


Mini Session- Up to an hour £4.00

Long Session- Over an hour- £7.00

Charges will be start from 3:30pm)


BREAKFAST CLUB  - 7:40am-8:40/50am

Breakfast includes a choice of toast, cereals, fruit and we encourage children to drink water or milk with their breakfast. There will be no reduction in price if your child is not having breakfast.


Parents should not drop off their children earlier than the start time of the sessions they have booked.

Breakfast Club Supervisor:  Mrs N. Taylor (Polly)

Colorful Toaster
Arts & Crafts

AFTER-SCHOOL CLUB- 3:15/30pm - 5:30pm-Monday to Thursday. Until 4:20pm Friday

After-School Club includes an offer of a drink and fruit/snack bar when they first arrive  this will be followed by a slightly more substantial snack for those staying after 5pm This may include a savoury snack- crumpet, waffle, croissant, more fruit or a biscuit. You are more than welcome to provide your child with their own packed tea if needed. There would however be no reduction in price if you did this.


If you think you are going to be later than 3:40pm to collect your child from school, please notify the school office. Any child who is not picked up by 3:50pm will be placed in after school club if there is availability- A charge for attendance will be made.



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