Newbottle and Charlton Primary school is effective in providing an environment in which positive relationships and Christian attitudes promote learning and development of all individuals. The learning environment is safe, inclusive and creative. Spiritual and social development are valued and individuals are respected and nurtured in personal development. Parents express confidence in the school and children express a sense of being valued.



This was created using children's, staff and governors ideas. Initially we thought about mosaic tiles that represented our 8 values. The children designed these and they were sent off to the mosaic designer. We also thought about the purpose of the area and what we would like it to include. Older children designed what they thought they would like to include and presented these.


Pupils, parents, staff, governors and other stakeholders linked to school had a part to play in coming up with our school value wheel after having read and used extracts from Fruits of the Spirit (A Church of England discussion paper) and the Church of England Vision for Education (Deeply Christian Serving the Common Good). We have also thought about the Real PE Cogs and the Growth Mindset model in our thoughts as well as families thinking about personal values they hold. Newbottle & Charlton CEVA Primary School wishes to embrace the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and social development of children and young people.


We offer the opportunity for everyone to flourish within an environment that embraces excellence and academic rigour as well as a rounded approach to personal development which is set through a wider framework of opportunity and experience. Children require a good education which must promote life in all its fullness.

We have developed this through four basic elements which permeate through our vision for education at Newbottle and Charlton:

WISDOM                    HOPE             COMMUNITY             DIGNITY

This vision in line with the Church of England’s and is for the common good of the whole child and their environment at a number of different levels. It is hospitable to diversity, respects freedom of religion and belief and encourages others to contribute from the depths of their own traditions and understanding.


The God of all creation is concerned with everything related to education – wisdom, truth and knowledge; the learning and teaching of understanding, virtues and habits that shape individuals, families and communities, the worth of each person; what is passed on from one generation to another; in whom and what people trust; what people hope for and more. Through a collaborative approach of identifying key values which serve children, families, staff, governors and other stakeholders involved in the school we have four basic elements that run through everything. Together they form an ‘ecology’ of the fullness of life and each interplay with each other. Furthermore, the link with British values, Christian values are woven together to ensure children are prepared and understand that their future possibilities are endless.

From the hub come the spokes which are values that further feed into the hubs core values.

These values were selected by all stakeholders in school. A value is focused on each term and collective worship is based on the value. Classrooms also highlight the value of the term with children completing related activities.

Head teacher Values awards are given each Friday as part of Achievers assembly.




This takes place daily and is led by a variety of different people. An overview for the term is drawn up by the Collective Worship coordinator following discussion with all about key ideas.

A variety of different staff, children and friends of the school lead Collective Worship throughout the week. There is also weekly singing and an achievers assembly on most Fridays.


Visiting speakers are strongly encouraged into school.

Children are beginning to take a greater lead in Collective worship. A recent questionnaire indicated what they particularly liked and what they would like to see more of.



The staff and Governors at Newbottle and Charlton School have reflected upon what spiritual development might mean in our school. We have described spiritual development as exploring the possibility of a dimension of life beyond what can be seen and touched and what that might mean for living life. For a Christian this would mean developing communication with God. Developing spiritually would also mean recognition that all individuals are growing and developing character and attributes all the time and have the potential to continue to do so. We have a view that spirituality might be expressed in a range of behaviour such as caring and nurturing; serving and self-discipline and loving and sharing. Attributes such as expressing joy, peace, patience and self-control would be seen as a consequence of spiritual development. We concluded that spirituality is developed and enjoyed in community.




As a school we promote British Values to ensure young people leave Newbottle & Charlton prepared for life in modern Britain.  We have a duty to ‘actively promote’ the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.


Please see our British Values Statement here