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Voice 21 Oracy School

In January 21 as part of a school improvement priority on oracy, we became a Voice 21 Oracy School. We believe that every young person should leave school able to express their ideas, communicate with confidence and speak eloquently. These vital skills are captured by the word ‘oracy’ which was coined in the 1960s to give spoken language parity with literacy and numeracy. 

Oracy is also woven into the curriculum as communication is the key to articulating ideas, developing understanding and engaging with others. We want children to be able to express themselves clearly and effectively. We want children to be effective listeners, valuing their own and others’ contributions. Good oracy skills increase confidence, self- esteem and empathy, develops cognitive ability and success in all areas of school. We want our children to have the oracy skills to thrive in the world they will be living in and be confident to agree but also disagree and challenge other people's views and opinions in a respectful way. 


All our staff will be involved in high quality training through Voice 21 to develop oracy in our school. 

If you would like to find out more about oracy or Voice 21 please take a look at their website:

Our Voice 21 School Lead is: Mr Peter Smith  

Our Voice 21 Oracy Champion is Mrs Hannah Lovesay- Bonham

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