Wednesday 1st April - PE Origami Task

Good morning Ash Class Something to get your fingers moving and the rest of you moving today. We would like you to make an origami chatterbox and use it with someone at home to play a PE game. Keep going until you have done all of the challenges. When you have finished this you may like to make a chatterbox fortune teller. This time use a blank square of paper and follow the folding instructions again. This time put your own colours on the 4 outside squares and put numbers on the inside triangles. Under the number flaps you can either write fortunes, like you will have 10 children(!!!), or a challenge of your own. Have fun!

Home Learning Task - Live Mini Maths!

Good Morning Elm! Your home learning task today is hopefully going to be a live mini maths lesson! I hope you can all log on to Teams at 11am today. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil! Don't worry if you can't make it, I will be posting the activities on here for you all to complete after the lesson. Looking forward to seeing you! From Miss Hirst

Daily Task 31st March

Good morning, I would love you to find out some information about the Mayan Writing system. Use these documents Maya information Fact file cards and this website: DK FIND OUT MAYANS to complete this fact-file - You could write down the questions in your book or print it off (if you have a printer) Email me or post on Teams an amazing fact you found out. Thanks Mr Smith REMINDER- LIVE LESSON TOMORROW AT 11am ON TEAMS (You will need a maths book and a pencil)

Home learning task - 31/03/20 - Oak and Ash

Hello Oak and Ash! You are all doing the same activity today. We would like you to draw or print the outline of an egg and decorate it with pictures or symbols that represent the Easter story (A4 size would be best). I've made one as an example and you can see it in the video below. An alternative option is to make your own Easter garden (example in the video) but if you do this one you need to make sure it's small enough to be able to show us on zoom. You have until Friday to complete this activity because on Friday we would like everyone to share what they've done as part of a zoom meeting! Everyone will be sent an email inviting you to this meeting. Please feel free to email us with any q

The last bit of The Giraffe and the Pelly and me.

Good morning everyone. I have recorded the last part of the fantastic book, The Giraffe and the Pelly and me by Roald Dahl for you to listen to. There are some brilliant descriptions of some really unbelievable sweets that are going to be on sale in The Grubber. When you have finished listening to the end of the story I was wondering if you could invent of your own imaginary sweet and describe it for me. Who will it be for? What does it look like? what does it taste like? Is it hard or chewy? What happens when you eat it? I would like you draw me a picture to go with your description and send it to me please. I'm really looking forward to some weird and wonderful creations. Mrs Hemsley Se

Daily Task 30th March- Chapter 6 Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop

Good morning everyone, Here is Chapter 6 of Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop. Today's task involves listening to chapter 6. At the end of the chapter they eat a special chocolate coin that will help them in a task. Your challenge is to design a new magical or special chocolate. What will it look like? What special thing will it help the person to do? What will it be called? Draw me a picture with some labels explaining how it will help people. Email me or post your image on our class page on Teams. Can't wait to see them all. Mr Smith REMINDER THAT A LIVE LESSON WILL BE HAPPENING ON TEAMS AT 11AM ON WEDNESDAY AND A KAHOOT QUIZ 11am ON FRIDAY.

Home learning task - 30/03/20

Your task for today is simply to log into zoom at either 10am or 2pm and say hello to me, Mrs Bray and your friends.....and maybe one or two other teachers! I have sent an email to all of your parents with the link to access zoom. Can't wait to see you all!

Home Learning Task

Good Morning Elm! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Did anyone have any exciting ideas for keeping busy at home? I've thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the work you have been sending to me - thank you! I have set you some new tasks on Reading Eggs this week, I will check each day to see who has completed the tasks. Don't forget that on Spelling shed you have spelling patterns as well as challenge words to complete. For today's task I'd like you to first log on to BBC supermovers to have an active session of times table dancing!! Supermovers Then below I have some Maths algebra questions to get you thinking. There are 3

Daily Task 27th March Quiz

Today as planned we did a Kahoot Quiz on Teams at 11am. Please keep checking here and TEAMs for updates on times and tasks. For those who didn't make it, sorry you weren't able to join us but I have the same quiz for you to do at your own pace. You will need to go onto kahoot online or download the app. Click on the link: Pin is: 0365051 A reminder I also have reading eggspress, sumdog and edshed assignments for you to do. Have a lovely weekend Mr Smith

Friday's Home Learning Task

Good Morning Elm! Wow your petition signs were amazing! It was so nice to see all of your lovely, big smiles in the photos. I can't wait to put them up by our tree in the classroom. It was great to see that a few more of you had logged on to the online tasks, remember a little everyday is the best way to learn those times tables and spelling patterns. As we would normally be doing RE on a Friday I have set you an RE Task to continue our topic of Silkhism. It's quite a big task so do not worry if you can't get it all done today - I know you are all working super hard. Have a great day and a lovely weekend, keep safe and well all of you. From Miss Hirst RE Task 1

Home learning task - day 5! 27/3/20

I'm glad so many of you enjoyed your science experiment yesterday! Today I would like you to find a good spot to build yourself a reading fort. Reading is one of the most magical things you can do, so I would like you to make yourself a cozy spot to read in. Once you've done this I would like you to record yourself (either a video or just your voice) reading one of your school books and then send it to me to listen to. I can't wait to be able to hear you read! I know videos are hard to send, so just a short clip will be fine. If you are in Y1 I would also like you to write a couple of sentences about the story and tell me if you liked it. If you are in Reception, you could also have a go if

Friday 27th March 2020 - Connect 4 Fun!

Good morning all! I have heard from nearly everyone now by email - it is great to know how you are all doing. Have a look here if you can: There are some super maths games for key stage one. These ones involve a grid with numbers on and two dice. Each player rolls the two dice, adds them together and colours the answer on the grid. The aim is to get 4 in a row! You can also do finding the difference, and there are harder grids for older year two children. If using the harder version, you need to stick labels saying 7, 8 and 9 over the numbers 1, 2 and 3 on each dice. If you can't access this online, draw your own 6x6 grid and fill with numbers 2-12 for the 'ea

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