Teams today!

Good Morning Elm! I look forward to seeing you on Teams later, year 3 we will meet at 10.30 and year 4 we will meet at 11.30. Just go to the Teams page as you did on Tuesday and wait for me to ask you to join. We are going to be doing some SPAG on inverted commas/speech marks. All you need is a pen, paper and your thinking caps! I've posted two more chapters too...enjoy! See you later. From Miss Hirst

Daily Task 30th April- Active Maths

Good morning, A bit of active maths like we do in school every week. Have a go and remember you don't need to do all the challenges but see how many ways you can make the number. Only use one one-digit number in the calculation to challenge yourself. Any questions please ask. Send me your workings out if you are able to. Mr Smith HIT THE TARGET Pick 5 different types of exercise, such as star jumps, shuttle runs, sit ups, etc. Count how many of one exercise activity you can do in 1 minute. Keep a note of your score Repeat for each exercise, resting between each one Total up all five scores – this is your target number Write down as many ways you can think of to make your target number using

How well do you know your 100 Square? (Thursday 30th April)

Today we are going to get to know the 100 square really well by first completing these 100 square jigsaws. (If you like them there are 4 to do.) Next, choose a chilli challenge to complete these 100 square problems. Good luck! 1 Chilli 2 Chillies 3 Chillies

Daily task - 30/4/20

Hello Oak Class. Your task today is to listen to this story and design the last page of the book. I would like you to draw a colourful picture and add 1 or 2 sentences. Cant wait to see it!

Home Learning Task 29.4.20

Good Morning Elm, I hope you enjoyed the quiz yesterday. You all really impressed me with how much plant knowledge you remembered and I'm glad to hear how well some of your peas and carrots are growing! Today's task is a SPAG activity linked to our story so listen to chapters 10 and 11 and then click on the link below. I hope you are enjoying the story so far! See you all soon! From Miss Hirst Possessive Apostrophes

Daily Task 29th April- Live Lesson

Good morning, See you on Teams at 11am for our live lesson. I thought we could have a discussion about some current events like we would in peer to peer or in collective worship, before doing a few maths games. All of you vs me!! Who is going to win :). Don't worry if you can't make it. Mr Smith Will post on here the links for the games if you want to play after 11am or with your family. UPDATED-HERE IS THE LINKS TO THE GAMES WE PLAYED TODAY. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU BEAT ME!

Daily task - 29/04/2020

Good morning Oak class, I hope you're enjoying our new topic so far. Today I would like you to transport yourself back in time to when William started building Motte and Bailey castles. Your job is to come up with a headline for a newspaper that is writing about Motte and Bailey's for the first time. I've come up with some myself using different techniques: Alliteration: Strange structures suddenly appearing! Rhymes: Motte and Bailey's popping up daily! Questions: Are Motte and Bailey's ruining our landscape? Have a go at writing it in capital letters.

Ash Class Daily Task 29.4.20 – Stop the Press!

We’ve been learning about the Battle of Hastings. Let’s imagine we were journalists or reporters at the time. Can you use some of the ideas below to create a super newspaper headline about the battle? Can you write it in capital letters? Year 1 Can you draw a picture with a caption to go alongside your headline? Year 2 can you also write a few sentences to summarise the story? Techniques / ideas: Alliteration: e.g Harold’s Horror at Hastings! Pun: Eye Eye Harold! Rhyme: Will’s Skills! Crown Down! Enjoy. Mrs Thomas

Kahoot Quiz Time

Hello Elm, we are meeting on Teams today at 11am. You do not need a link just go on to our Teams page (where I post a message in the morning) and wait for me to ask you to join our meeting. You also need to have Kahoot downloaded on to another device if possible. I emailed your parents to explain yesterday, if you do not have a second device don't worry, I can still read you the questions and you can still play. Our quiz is going to be all about plants, I wonder how much you can remember? I look forward to seeing you later! From Miss Hirst

Daily Task 28th April- Greek Gods

Good morning, Today's challenge involves a bit of art and information finding. Can you use some of the following websites to create a picture of one of the Greek Gods or Goddesses, surrounded by some interesting information about them. Website 1 Website 2 Website 3 REMINDER- LIVE LESSON 11AM ON TEAMS TOMORROW- FOCUS- PSHE (PICTURE NEWS) and few Maths games (Birch class vs Mr Smith!!!) Mr Smith

Daily task 28/04/2020

Hello Oak Class, today I'm reading you a story called 'There was an old dragon who swallowed a knight'....does that sound a bit familiar?? After you've listened to the story I would like you to answer the following questions: How many feet did the dragon swallow? Was it an odd number or an even number? Is there another animal the dragon could swallow to make it an odd number of feet? I hope you enjoy the story and are up for a challenge!

Ash Class Daily Task 28.4.20 Stop the Clock!

Good morning Ash Class! If you can access the above link, this is a super interactive clock. Have a go at learning to tell the time! Challenge level 1 – o’clock and half past Challenge level 2 – quarter past and quarter to Challenge level 3 – five minute intervals Once you have practised these times, can you create a ‘day in the life of me during shutdown’ and label it with the times? You could draw pictures of different parts of the day or write words / sentences. Then label them with the time, either in words or perhaps you could print out some blank clocks to draw on. (Some can be found here

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