Birch Class Home Learners - Tasks for the w/c 1.6.20

Hello to all of Birch currently learning at home! I hope you had a super half term break and are re-energised ready for some more home learning. As I am now in Birch alongside Mr Smith, I will be setting some of your work. Please click the link below for this week's tasks and email me to let me know how you are getting / got on. Click here for the week's tasks Best wishes, Mrs Thomas

Dancing Extravaganza for Mrs Smith

Here is the finished article from all the dance videos you have sent me. They were all so amazing to watch but I couldn't use the whole of each one. Mrs Smith loved all your dancing and it brought a tear to her eye. (There were so many videos, so I do hope I have included all of them, but will send them all to her separately as well) Mr Smith

If you missed today's Zoom here is what we did.

Today on Zoom Ash Class had a quiz about plants. We watched 2 BBC Bite Size films about plants and did the quizzes that are at the base of the pages. Click here to see the pages. What do plants need to grow? What is the life cycle of a plant? See how you do. I hope you get lots of questions right! Mrs Hemsley

Half Term Challenge!

Good afternoon all, I have a half term challenge for you all! Look at the following resources: Oak and Ash: Presentation Elm and Birch: Presentation Then create a new recycling superhero as part of a competition. See below for the details Competition information (The deadline is in October but I would love to see your entries next term and we will crown a class winner by 1st June) Thanks very much Mr Smith

Daily Task 22.5.20

Good morning Elm! You are all getting so good at Countdown, well done to Vale for getting a SEVEN letter word and there were quite a few six letter words too. Congratulations to Martha who has held on to her top place in the Sumdog competition for TWO WEEKS now and well done to Felicity and Sophia in second and third place. Well done to Year 4 who were on the top spot for Maths Shed this week and well done to Tor, Sophia, Imogen, Lola and George A for being in the Maths Shed school top 10. Well done to Vale for being in the school top 10 for Spelling Shed. Your task today is an active spelling task; we are half way through the term so I thought it would be a good time to check how you are ge

Daily Task 22nd May- Live Lesson

End of term Quiz Friday on kahoot. Same as usual. If you have any questions, please email me. Focus today is Athens vs Sparta and random one! See you at 11am Mr Smith

Daily Task 21st May- SPAG

Good morning, A SPAG focus today for you to do using the BBC Daily lessons. Year 5 your focus is: Modal verbs - Year 6 your focus is: Semi-colons- Please share any of the work with me via Teams or email me your work. Have a lovely day. Mr Smith

Teams Today

Morning Everyone! We will meet on Teams today for some Countown. You just need paper and a pencil. Your groups are the same as Tuesday but I have changed the times so please look on the list so you get the right time. I look forward to seeing you later! Who will make the biggest word this time I wonder? Teams Groups

Daily task - 21/5/20

Bonjour Oak class! Who can guess which language this is? It's French! CATAPULT UPDATE - Toby T has beaten our furthest distance so far with a whopping 9 meters! Wowee! He changed the design slightly when making his - maybe this is something you can try too! Can you find a way of making your catapult fire something even further?! Don't worry if you can't - what you've done already is amazing! Super well done to those of you who had an extra go today to try and beat Alana's distance, I'm proud of your perseverance :) To find out about today's task I would like you to watch the below video - it's only 2 minutes long today. Enjoy!

Playing with Number Sentences with Mrs Hemsley

Today’s task is to play with digits and mathematical symbols to make number sentences that are true. Watch the video below to see me explain the task to you. Numbers and Symbols to print out or copy. Remember that this time you don't have to use all the cards, but you must make as many true number statements as you can. Don’t forget to record what they have done, and don’t forget to work in a systematic, organised and careful way to make sure that you have found all of the number sentences. If you would like an extra challenge (Year 2) you could use the odd numbers between 0 and 9 to do an extra investigation. Key questions for adults to ask What have you tried so far? How will you know you

Ash Class Daily Task 20.5.20

Good morning Ash Class! Today I would like you to investigate the jobs people might have had in a castle. Click here for ppt click here for info sheets click here for activity sheet Which job do you think sounds interesting? Which would you apply for? Choose one to write a more detailed advert for and see how super you can make your sentences! Mrs Thomas

Daily Task 20.5.20

Hello Elm! You have a maths game with cards to play today to help you with your column addition. I have attached two short videos demonstrating the game. The idea is to make the biggest number by adding two 3 digit numbers. Play against yourself or with a family member to see who can win the most points. *Challenge* For an extra challenge, can you try to make the smallest number by rearranging your cards?

Daily task - 20/5/20

Hola Oak class! That means hello in Spanish. I will try and come up with a different hello each time if I can. Well done on your excellent catapults! So far the furthest one has gone 350cm/3.5m and that was by Alana……well done Alana! I wonder if anyone is able to beat that distance – Samuel’s and Edie’s also went really far….I wonder if you can get it to go even further? Today I would like you to think about how a castle was protected – there were so many ways – portcullis, battlements, murder holes, drawbridge, a moat. A moat meant that attacking armies couldn’t easily get to the castle, they had to swim across a river of water first. I would like you to make a miniature moat and think abou

Teams 19.5.20

Good Morning! It was great to hear about all of your acts of kindness, what a lovely bunch you are! Today we are meeting on Teams, you just need a pencil and piece of paper. you are going to be in two groups. Have a look below to see your time and group. Teams groups

Daily Task 19th May- Maths challenge

Good morning, BBC bitesize have some great lessons to practise key mathematical skills. On Friday's they do a challenge day but I thought you could have a go today at some challenges as we usually do our Kahoot Quiz on Fridays. They link to Whiterose (a set of products we use in class including during Barvember). See how many of the challenges you can do. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THEM ALL. Each one gets a bit more difficult, so see how many you can do. See Link here: Happy calculating! Mr Smith

Daily task - 19/5/20

Good morning! Today’s task will require you to make something……… Can you remember why William the Conqueror decided to build castles in England? It was to protect him from any enemies which might have attacked. As castles started to be built from stone, the builders added lots of defensive features to make their castles difficult to attack. Your task today is to make something that soldiers would have used to try and attack a castle. How could they get through great stone walls? Can you think of a weapon they might have used to try and knock down the castle walls? You guessed it – a catapult! I'd like you to make a catapult (it's simple I promise). Watch the video to find out more and then

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